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Life has a way of bringing you to Sedona when the time is right, you have this feeling inside  and  the magical red rocks call you. My first journey to Sedona was over twenty years ago.  I was taking a class in Atlanta and my Instructor informed us that we were ready for the Sedona Experience.  So I booked a ticket and found my way to Sedona. Each year after that, I would find a way to come back.  Each year it was harder to leave.  A week-end turned into a week, and that was not quite enough time here.  So, I decided I needed 2 weeks to relax. You don’t start to really unwind until the 10th day you are here. Then it became a month and that was heaven.  Suddenly Time disappeared....I would spend each day synchronistically discovering something new that I didn’t know about Sedona.  Looking back on all of this, I now realize that our inner guidance to be more brings us here. One month became two very quickly,  but one thing never changed, I was always sad when I had to leave. Then one day, I asked myself why we have to create sadness in our lives.  Something shifted. Now, we choose to create joyful experiences in the  land of the Magical Red Rocks each and every day. There are no more sad days, everyday in Sedona  at our vacation home is an adventure waiting for you. We invite you to  come  and stay.                                                                                                                      Feel the relaxing 10th day and wait for time to d i s a p p e a r.........


Sedona, Arizona is a scenic place with incredible red rock formations and a stark, transfixing beauty that is replicated nowhere else on earth. It is also, however, a spiritual Mecca and has been a sacred place for the Indians for thousands of years. Indeed, visitors to the huge formations almost always come away with the feeling that the entire area is somehow "different" and almost surreal. Add to that incredible celestial displays, some of the most frequent and convincing UFO sightings on earth, and thousands of reports of many kinds of spiritual and paranormal experiences by visitors, and you have one of the most truly intriguing supernatural places on earth!



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